Truck loading Instructions

Important! The vehicle registration numbers must be reported minimum 24 hours before loading!

  1. 1. Drive with the vehicle to the assigned truck parking space. If the car registration number has been reported, the gate will open automatically. Park the vehicle opposite to the display so you are able to see the instructions.

    If the vehicle has not been reported beforehand, so the gate of the truck parking space does not open, please drive to the main entrance and introduce yourself via the door interphone. Please tell us your purpose and wait for further instructions patiently.
  2. While waiting, please prepare the vehicle for loading/unloading. Open the trailer door, prepare the pallets for change, straps etc.
  3. When the registration number of your vehicle is displayed on the screen in the truck parking space together with a horn sound, please drive to the main entrance.
  4. After driving through the main entrance, please stop on the weighbridge. Please DO NOT get off the vehicle. After this entry weighing the sign will turn GREEN and the loading/unloading site will be displayed on the screen together with a horn sound (number of ramp, silo etc.)
  5. Drive to the assigned ramp. During loading/unloading the driver MUST stay in the vehicle. Entrance to the factory hall is strictly forbidden!
  6. Once the loading/unloading is ready, the sign will turn GREEN. Drive off the ramp. Park the truck in such a way not to disturb the movement of other vehicles. Fix the cargo. DO NOT close the tilts!
  7. Drive to the weighbridge with fixed cargo and opened tilts. On the weighbridge 2 pictures will be taken of the cargo: one of the back, one of the front part. If instructed, please move the tilt to the requested direction.
    Once this procedure is ready, please close the tilts. Get on the truck for exit weighing.
  8. After weighing the gate will open. Drive through the axle scale with no more than 5 km/h speed.
  9. When the axle weighing is ready, please wait inside your truck for the transport documents. After receiving, you are free to go.

We wish you a smooth and trouble free accomplishment! Take care! Best regards, Hok-Plastic Kft.



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Hok-Plastic Kft. is a energetic and dynamically developing company what uses innovative technology, and has a strong presence in the Hungarian market of plastic-based packaging materials. We are constantly striving to be one of the leading companies in the area of technological and product development and our products are made with the most cutting edge machinery to provide the highest quality to our clients. As we know time is one of the most important factors in our business we made it our top priority to deliver the requested goods in time.


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