The Hok-Plastic ltd was established in november 1996 as a family runned business. Our area of interest is manufacturing packaging materials from LDPE and HDPE materials. Thanks to our continous investments and increasement of our capaticy we became a significant and dynamically growing player on the market. We also multiplied our processing and producing capabilities in the last few years. All of our products made with the most modern machines and they live up to the highest standards in quality and variety. On our online platform we show a clear picture about our overall activities. If you have any questions regarding to our products, production, ordering process or the transport then please feel free to get in touch with us. Our team can help to answer your inquieries in english, german, french, italian, serbian and hungarian languages. We hope to do business with you in the future!


Quality policy

We follow the ISO 9001:2015 regulations since july 2004. Also, we implemented the ISO 14001 enivronment management system to our processes. Thanks to our closed technology system we can completely recycle the plastic waste.


EU tenders

Our company does everthing to get out the maximum from the tender opportunites provided by the EU and thanks these we implement the newest technologies and provide as many jobs as possible. This provided a chance for us to dream bigger and be bolder! Every tender is a milestone in our company’s history!

Marketing support

We sell our own HOK-Plastic brand products to wholesale partners and franchise networks along with distributing at our own retail partners. In case of large-scale orders we are ready to fullfill demands for private label products as well.

Social responsibility

Our main priority is to use our natural resources in the most efficient way to proctect our nature for the future generation. We believe that the key to our future is to fulfill our clients needs and to keep enough resources for our descendants as well. For this reason we handle the avaliable natural resources as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. We are always up to date with the newest technologies and innovations. With these processes and with our financial stability we try increase our employees well-being too.


Technical and technological background

Our company has a well rounded machine park for packaging material production what covers the whole cycle from the processing of basic components through the cutting, printing to the actual production. The newest machines from Germany ensure we can provide the highest quality for our customers. To our customers delight we can fulfill their requirements in several different sizes, thickness, colour and tensile strenght.

Shipping and distribution

During our activities we always aim to provide the best solution in the fastest possblie way for our partners. Therefore, we have our own fleet of trucks to carry out the transportation tasks from our well equipped warehouse to our domestic customers and to clients across whole Europe.