Manufacturer of packaging materials

Our dynamically developing company that uses innovative technology, and has a stable presence in the Hungarian market of plastic-based packaging materials. We are constantly striving to be one of the leading companies in technological and product development.


Environmental Protection

We focus on our activities to be as much environment friendly as possible and for this reason we follow the ISO 14001:2015 international standard for implementing an effective environmental management system. Furthermore, we reprocess the waste what has been created during the production. Also, our machines live up to the highest standards to follow the principle of energy saving.


Social responsibility

Our main priority is to use our natural resources in the most efficient way to proctect our nature for the future generation. We believe that the key to our future is to fulfill our clients needs and to keep enough resources for our descendants as well. For this reason we handle the avaliable natural resources as cost effectively and efficiently as possible.

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